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More! That’s what most of us want from life. We desire a dynamic, exciting, purpose driven life, but often our experience falls short of our expectations. We can have a life filled with purpose and be more fully alive; and we can experience this life right now!


LIVE4MORE Men's Discipleship Ministry is relational. Jesus understood the human need for companionship. He lived out God’s plan for us – authentic community.


LIVE4MORE is a process of growth. It is a lifelong pursuit of following Christ. Intentional disciple making emphasizes the Small Group environment as a critical part of the Parish. It is where the greatest level of intimacy, accountability and spiritual growth occurs.


LIVE4MORE can attract and bond new parishioners into the Parish. It can establish new Catholics into followers of Christ and can provide continued formation for men to minister and serve most effectively.


LIVE4MORE is extremely important for the support of your Parish’s mission, values and vision. The group structure can be intentionally developed and aligned with the Mission of your Parish.

Discipleship group sounded kind of scary to me.  I felt I could never achieve being a Disciple of Christ. Now I look forward to and require our regular meetings to keep my faith active. My faith and trust in the Lord has increased throughout the process. It’s great to know other men have similar struggles in their faith journeys. -Bill Brennan.

The CRHP retreat reawakened my faith.  The Formation Team brought a deeper knowledge of scripture, faith and supportive brothers. The Discipleship ministry provides a platform for continued growth.  The intimacy and supportive nature of small groups allows for individual sharing as we continue our growth to mature Christians. Participating in a Discipleship group has made me a better husband, father and Christian brother. -John Tanner.

At first I was wondering if I "have time" to meet regularly for a Discipleship group. I was also thinking that I am not as spiritually mature as some of the guys I would be meeting with,…but I soon discovered that people learn from one another, just as “iron sharpens iron” Now I wish I had made time years ago. -Dave Collins.

After the conversion experience of the CRHP weekend, Discipleship has been a wonderful second journey with other men like myself. It is not the goal, only another pathway to the goal: being united with God. My discipleship brothers keep me honest, focused and real in this journey. -Pete Dunn.